President Uhuru's 8% VAT Recommendations Passed By Parliament

  • President Uhuru and Raila Odinga Daily Nation
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta's tax proposals were passed in Parliament amid protests by lawmakers on Thursday afternoon.

    Parliament could not raise the required 233 majority votes to shoot down President Uhuru's proposals in the Financial Bill 2018.

    The President's recommendations earned an easy stay given only 215 legislators were in parliament during the voting.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta

    The agitated MPs chant against the imposition of 8% VAT on petroleum products and anti-majority leader Aden Duale slogans.

    Speaker Justin Muturi stated that the quorum required to allow for the vote had not been met.

    Amid protests that some MPs had walked out of the House, Muturi stated that the MPs had no option but abide by the standing orders.

    "You all know that walking in or out is part of your right. When you tell me that anyone was influenced, I don't know whether there is magic for one to be influenced to walk out," stated the speaker.

    The speaker, who had a tough time containing the provoked MPs dared the MPs to proceed with their "Muturi Must Go," chants.

    He granted more MPs to access the house and those ushered in by the sergeant at arms were labelled traitors.

    Minority leader John Mbadi, before the voting, discouraged the MPs against shouting him down warning that they still fail to get the 'zero VAT' that they were agitating for.

    Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang' singled out the Majority leader for the disappearance of MPs from the chambers.

    Kajwang stated that just before the vote, there were more than 232 MPs in parliament.

    Nyali MP Mohammed Ali and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, in an attempt to vindicate the house leadership, further mentioned Duale and ODM Chairman John Mbadi for the flop.

    The protracted unrests in the House with both Jubilee and NASA MPs objecting the poll outcome forced the house to adjourn for 15 minutes.

    Speaker Justin Muturi allowed the MPs to proceed for a break ahead of an anticipated repeat poll on the matter.

    Upon resumption, the speaker referenced Hansard records on the earlier declarations sparking fresh uproar from members of parliament.

    Drama ensued as Muturi stared at the MPs helplessly disarraying possibilities to have a fresh vote on the President's memorandum.

    The hullabaloo protracted as the MPs declined to take a fresh poll after it emerged that some MPs had turned against the earlier decision to overturn the president's recommendations.

    Majority leader Aden Duale