MPs Bash Aden Duale Over 'Vote Rigging' in Parliament

  • House Majority leader, Aden Duale Twitter
  • The drama in the National Assembly on Thursday evening continued as Members bashed Majority Leader Aden Duale for allegedly interfering with the voting on the fuel tax bill.

    Angry lawmakers claimed that they had generally agreed to shoot down President Uhuru Kenyatta's proposed changes to VAT on petroleum products.

    During an attempted electronic voting on the matter. MPs wondered how the total number of members recorded was 352 yet there are only 349 MPs in the house.

    "The Chair was very categorical, and the nays had it. She convinced herself that she had two-thirds. Thereafter we were being forced to go into further voting after we were already done," Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo stated.

    The Mbita MP's sentiments were backed by Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru who claimed that the confusion in the House came after the Majority leader led some lawmakers to walk out of the chamber.

    Parliament in session

    "The truth of the matter is, there was a unanimous no. There was no need for a division bell," the Woman Rep stated.

    Isiolo lawmaker also faulted the House's technical team for showing that the screens in Parliament showed more than 100 per cent of MPs were present in the House during Finance Bill 2018 vote.

    "We voted no, and we will still vote no! It is very dishonest when the media was put off and they send the message out there that the bill was passed. The bill was not passed," the legislator stated.

    According to the MPs who spoke on the floor of the House, their electronic cards which they use for voting were taken.

    Speaker Muturi told the House that he was shocked when he saw Parliament screens displaying that 352 members were present.

    "I got shocked how the screens could show there were present 352 members," Speaker Muturi remarked.

    Speaker Justin Muturi

    "I will suspend this sitting for 15 minutes. None of you is leaving. Let us get the technical department to solve this problem," he added.

    He further ordered for a second round of voting on President Kenyatta's fuel levy proposal after the MPs disputed the outcome.