Joe Irungu's Relationship With Monica Kimani Revealed

  • The family of the late Monica Kimani, who was murdered in her Kilimani apartment, has revealed details of their daughter's relationship with Joseph Irungu also known as Joe Jowie.

    Monica's brother George Thiru Kimani, revealed that he and the suspect, Jowie, were friends.

    Kimani stated that they were in university together back in 2012 but lost track of each other after completing their education.

    According to Kimani, they later reunited after Jowie and his sister became friends, in what he suspected developed through social media.

    He alleged that Jowie at one time tried wooing Monica into a romantic relationship but she declined because he was ‘not her type’ adding that although the two hang out several times.

    However, he noted that there was no intimate relationship, only describing him as a mutual friend.

    The family, who was interviewed by Citizen News, stated that Monica had been living in South Sudan for about seven years but moved back to the country three months ago.

    She was to meet her family on a fateful morning after landing from South Sudan but when her mother tried to reach her, she did not pick her calls.

    Accompanied by another relative, George went to Luciane Apartments on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt Road where she staying and when they arrived, they approached two guards and the caretaker, explained the situation and requested to be allowed into the house.

    After knocking on the door several times without getting any response; they requested permission from the landlord to be allowed to break down the door and it is then that George discovered his sister’s body in the bathtub with her hands and legs tied with a white cable and her phone by her side.

    Police launched investigations into the murder of Ms Kimani which culminated to Jowie’s arrest on Tuesday.

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