TV Anchor Eric Njoka Side Hustle as a Mortician [video]

  • A top Kenyan TV anchor has come out to reveal that he works as a mortuary attendant behind the TV screens.

    K24’s news anchor Eric Njoka compliments his journalism by working as a mortician at his family-owned mortuary.

    On a normal day Njoka goes through the morgue’s registry and ensures appointments for future clients are in order.

    My dad trained me to be a mortician so to speak. His family objective was to make me work here and learn skills to start my own hospital and mortuary in future,” he remarked in a recent interview.

    Speaking to K24 on Wednesday, he mentioned that it was not his dream to work at the mortuary but his father was strict on him.

    My dream was not to work here. My dream was to become a journalist but my dad did not appreciate that career. He never saw any talent in that.”

    The mortuary he works in was built 15 years ago.

    The job of a mortician entails beautification of bodies before burial.

    Seeing the shape in which some of the bodies were in gave me nightmares and left me distraught. But I eventually overcame it. At the end of the day, I had to be at my ‘A’ game and not show the bereaved that I was disgusted or scared of treating their fallen loved ones,” he remarked in a past interview.

    Yes I have another career, but I also like being a mortician because I am doing something extraordinary. Not everyone can do it.”

    Njoka previously worked for KTN and CGTN Africa.