Julius Malema to Visit Kenya in November

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  • South African MP and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Sello Malema, will be visiting Kenya in November, Embakasi East lawmaker Babu Owino revealed.

    Speaking during an interview on Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday night, Babu revealed that the visit will be part of plans to bring young leaders in Africa together to give the continent a meaning.

    Babu noted that although Africa has resources which the rest of the world needs, it was still the poorest continent on the planet.

    "We young leaders in Africa are going to come together and give this continent a meaning. The reason why you should be called a leader is to serve the interest of your people," Babu stated.

    MPs Babu Owino, Bobi Wine with Jeff Koinange

    "We are going to come together and ensure that Africans speak in one language. Africa is where there are resources, meanwhile it is in Africa where there is poverty, that means there is something wrong with the leadership because with proper leadership there is proper development," he added.

    The Embakasi East MP had hosted Ugandan MP Bobi Wine where they addressed the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni and other African leaders who had stayed in power for a long time oppressing those who challenged their ideologies.

    Babu noted that he shared the same ideology that Bobi believed in which is fighting for the oppressed.

    Bobi Wine added, "Yoweri Museveni was on the right course before he got consumed with the effects of absolute power. What we desire to see is a president that will not be scared to live in his country after he relinquishes power."

    He voiced his concern over curfews imposed on him not being free to move around in Uganda and being followed by the military and the police when he leaves his house.

    MPs Babu Owino, Bobi Wine with Jeff Koinange

    The Ugandan MP stated that Museveni had disrespected Ugandans by telling them bluntly he was nobody’s servant. 

    "The people of Uganda are here to remind him that he is supposed to be a servant of the people; we are not supposed to fear him, he is supposed to fear us," Bobi stated.

    A major rally will be held at Jacaranda grounds on Saturday where the two lawmakers will make a declaration on the way forward.