Government to Take Care of Alcoholic Officials

  • Administrators destroy illicit liquor at Motherland slums in Eastleigh Daily Nation
  • The government has revealed a plan to take care of its alcoholic chiefs and assistant chiefs.

    Seven alcoholic chiefs are set to be the first beneficiaries in a bid to fight the consumption and sale of illicit brew in Bomet County.

    Speaking during the launch of the initiative, Bomet County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding stated, "We cannot look the other way as government officials get sucked into a problem they should be fighting."

    Bomet County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding

    The initiative was undertaken after it emerged that the chiefs and their assistants were unable to discharge their duties effectively due to alcoholism.

    "Administrators with a drinking problem will be sent to various camps to be rehabilitated. We need chiefs who will wage war against illegal liquor and maintain order," Omoding added.

    Bomet County has reportedly witnessed 13 cases of alcohol-linked murders and suicides in a span of one month.

    Exuding confidence that alcoholism is treatable, the County Commissioner revealed that the administrators will be put in the hands of professional counsellors.

    "Dismissal of government officers who have a drinking problem should be the last resort. One must be treated and accorded a chance to mend his or her ways," Omoding stated.

    According to the County Commissioner, officers who are unable to shake off the alcoholism are advised to seek early retirement.

    A man brewing illicit liquor

    This allows them to receive the benefits of having served the government which they would otherwise lose if dismissed from their duties.