Nigerians Protest over Kenyan Police Killing of Foreigners

  • Several Nigerians on Wednesday held protests in Nairobi claiming that increased crackdown of foreigners by Kenyan police is hurting them.

    They stated that one of their nationals was killed moments after he was spotted in a Kenyan Police vehicle.

    “He even had to jump out from the balcony, they chased him, beat him,” one of the protesters stated, “The police claimed that this boy died in the estate.”

    He confirmed that they were in possession of pictures and videos to prove that he died in a police’s van.

    They also claimed that 4 other Nigerians have died in the hands of the law enforcers in the past month alone.

    Appearing at the office of the Nigerian High Commission, they addressed their grievances blaming the embassy for incompetence.

    They also blamed the police of asking money from them as part of the crackdown ordered by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.

    They claimed that they are now living in fear accusing the police of disregarding the law when dealing with them.

    They plan to carry on with protest on Thursday this week until their grievances are addressed.

    Matiangi has revealed that the country spends over Ksh360 million every year in illegal immigrant deportation fees.