Nairobi Railway Station Set For Massive Upgrade

  • The iconic Nairobi Central Railway Station is to receive a major upgrade as the government acts on a plan to improve transport linkage in the city.

    The Ministry of Transport invited public input for the project that is part of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan.

     “This is pursuant to articles on public participation in the Constitution, the Physical Planning Act, the County Governments Act and relevant provisions in Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act as well as the National Strategic Environmental Assessment guidelines,” a notice published in local dailies read in part.

    The area in question covers about 368 acres of prime land in Nairobi.

    The station and its surroundings are to be redeveloped in line with a larger plan formulating an efficient public transport system.

    Other than the station, it includes the marshalling yard, Kenya Railways Pension Scheme Land (Muthurwa and Landimawe), locomotive and wagons workshop and extends to include parts of Industrial Area.

    The ministry announced plans to hold a county-level workshop on October 24th, 2018 in conjunction with Kenya Railways and Nairobi City County.

    It is scheduled for the Kenya School of Monetary Studies from 8:00 am.

    This project in particular is meant to improve access to the south of Nairobi.

    The Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan is considered the blueprint for for multi-modal transportation, urban and socio-economic development and environmental management for the city.