3 Corrupt Officials to Be Refunded Ksh23 Million - Court Orders

  • High Court Judge Teresia Mumbua on Wednesday ordered the refund of Ksh23.7 Million to three former county officials who had been convicted of corruption.

    The three officials, John Maina (Lands and Infrastructure), Martin Wamwea (Finance and Economic Planning) and Simon Kagiri (chief of staff) had paid the amount in fines after they were arraigned in court.

    The apparent acquittal of all corruption charges was brought about by a Court of Appeal ruling in a case against former Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau.

    The Court of Appeal ruled that the corruption proceedings against the former CS could not stand as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) was not properly constituted at the time of investigations.

    Former EACC boss Mumo Matemu, vice chairperson Irene Keino and commissioner Jane Onsongo had resigned in 2015.

    Justice Matheka, however, added that the prosecution team was at liberty to bring fresh charges against them.

    The three had been found guilty at a Magistrate's court of having flouted procurement laws.

    They were further convicted of going against procedure while conferring Pleng Limited a Ksh3.75 Million benefit to offer consultancy audit services for roads and civil works.

    The three had each been ordered to pay back Ksh7.5 Million, which was double the Ksh3,756,962 lost by the country in the irregular deals.

    An additional fine of Ksh400,000 was imposed on them against a three-year jail sentence.