Father Victor Odhiambo Brutally Murdered in South Sudan

A Kenyan Catholic Priest serving in a church in South Sudan was found brutally murdered.

Gok State Information minister John Madol revealed that Father Victor Luka Odhiambo was on Wednesday assaulted and then killed by armed men.

The incident took place at Mazzolari Church compound located in the State’s headquarters.

Authorities probing the matter noted that one suspect was arrested in connection with the murder.

Yeah; one suspect was arrested this morning at 10 and he is now under police custody,” noted Mr Madol.

He further revealed that the suspect promised to disclose the names of others involved in the incident to the state’s authorities.

It is, however, not yet clear what the motive of the murder was.

The body of the priest was on Thursday, November 16, taken to Rumbek Catholic Diocese for repatriation.

This incident comes roughly a year after another Kenyan religious leader was murdered in the afflicted nation.

In 2017, Bishop Joel Mwendwa’s life was cut short after he was allegedly accused of making noise.

He was a priest at Christ Ministry serving in Juba’s Munuki neighbourhood.

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