EACC Joins Multi-Agency Taskforce in Matatu Crackdown

  • The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has joined in the implementation of the Michuki rules on Kenyan roads, an exercise that has been in operation for the past two weeks.

    Speaking during the World Remembrance Day for victims of road crashes celebrations at Sachang'wan, Nakuru County National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Director General Francis Meja disclosed that the agency would be joining a multi-agency task force in the ongoing matatu crackdown.

    "The crackdown on non-compliant public service vehicles was not a one-off operation and will be intensified further this week. The EACC has joined the multi-agency team. We shall be stricter than before," he stated.

    He further issued a warning to all matatu Saccos that they would not be lenient on those who blatantly chose to defy the regulations set by the government.

    Meja stated that those caught flaunting the rules would be deregistered and charged in court

    "Any vehicle found on the road without complying with the traffic regulations shall have its license cancelled. We shall go ahead to charge Sacco leadership for allowing their non-compliant vehicles to continue operating on our roads," he added.

    On her part, NTSA board Vice Chair Bright Oywaywa noted with concern that the road accidents were responsible for over Ksh300 Billion annually not to mention the lives lost.

    "Majority of those affected by road crashes are youths aged between 15 and 44 years. Road traffic crashes costs the country Sh310 billion annually which is 5 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product," she conveyed.

    Nakuru County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha assured that his officers were in full support of the matatu crackdown ahead of the festive season draws.

    "I want to see the face of the multi-agency team at every roadblock. Any agency that will not be represented will answer queries on its absence. We are glad that the EACC has joined us to ensure there is integrity in the operation," Nkanatha stated.