Police Launch Manhunt for Cannibal Gang Terrorising Kiserian Residents

Police officers have launched a manhunt for a group of 15 boys that has been accused of raping, mutilating and eating body parts of a six-year-old girl in Kiserian, Kajiado.

The gang lured their victim and forced themselves on her one by one, before slitting her throat, drinking her blood and ingesting some body parts.

Initially, the police had linked the murder to members of the outlawed Mungiki sect but the latest revelations have baffled them.

Members of the public were able to arrest one of the suspects, a 17-year-old boy, who they beat up before handing him over to Kiserian police.

He was then taken to Ngong Subcounty Hospital where he received several stitches to his head.

The authorities have cautioned parents against letting their children walk alone and advised them to remain vigilant of the remaining 14 who are on the loose.

Help us establish what’s happening with the youth in that area. They could be using drugs. Who is supplying them?” commented Ngong OCPD Joseph Mwika.

According to a source who spoke to The Star, the suspect in custody revealed the identities of all his accomplices.

The girl’s mother stated that her family was traumatised because the gang is still roaming free.

My daughter underwent a lot of pain before she was killed. She had woken up to a bright day and was more playful on that Friday morning before she was kidnapped,” she regretted.

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