Government Plans to Abolish 14-Seater Matatus in 2 Months

  • Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, on Friday, unveiled a new plan that will see 14-seater matatus kicked out of roads in a period of two months.

    The CS stated that the first consignment consisting of 11 trains and 64 high-capacity buses are set to hit the country in February 2019 to ease the congestion on Kenyan roads.

    He further explained that the ubiquitous matatus were the major cause of congestion in the city making it necessary to efface them altogether.

    Plans are underway for the implementation of integrated train and high-capacity bus transport system in Kenya,” noted the CS.

    He stated that the plan was slated to be rolled out in a period of three years and will be done in the three Kenyan cities; Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

    Reports indicated that the programme might be already underway based on complaints from matatu operators whose license-renewal applications have been denied by the Transport Licensing Board (TLB).

    An outcry emerged from an association representing the matatu operators with fears that the new roll out will also target 25 and 35-seater matatus.

    They further accused the state of involving cartels in their new plan who are believed to be some of the stake holders in the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system.

    We know that the scheme also involves phasing out the 25 and 35-seater matatus from the roads. This plans involves some cartels who want to benefit from these BRT buses.

    Some of our members who have sought renewal of their TLB licences have been turned away. We believe this is part of the move to implement the government plan to phase out matatus,” stated the association’s chairman Calvin Nyaure.