Kenyan Minister Bruce McKenzie's Connection to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson Resignation

Former President Jomo Kenyatta’s government had a foreign spy who he appointed to his cabinet as Minister for Agriculture to facilitate the transfer of land from white settlers to Africans.

Apart from being a minister, Bruce McKenzie was an agent of several spy agencies including British intelligence outfit MI6, Israel's spy agency Mossad, and the apartheid South Africa Bureau of State Security (BOSS).

According to the Nation, McKenzie was part of the espionage team that led the smear campaign against British Prime Minister Harold Wilson that resulted in his resignation.

In the period between 1973 and 1974, Britain was a country in turmoil, fuelled partly by the global oil crisis, and an unprecedented labour unrest at home.

British intelligence who had the support of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), were determined to stop the Labour Party from winning the Prime Minister elections scheduled for February 1974.

However, Wilson went on to clinch the seat and the fight against him was kicked a notch higher whereby they resulted in using dirty tricks to scheme his downfall.

According to espionage journalist Chapman Pincher, McKenzie and an old friend, George Young were tasked by the head of MI6 Sir Maurice Oldfield to spearhead the smear campaign and plant recording devices in his office, in order to collect information on him.

Wilson’s resignation was unusual because the announcement came ‘from out of the blue’, and was not prompted by any obvious health issues.

The unexpected nature of Wilson’s departure gave rise to various conspiracy theories, and a suspicion in some quarters that Wilson’s resignation was forced for a secret reason.

Geoffrey Kareithi, a long-serving Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet in Mzee Kenyatta’s government, admitted that the government was aware of McKenzie’s clandestine connections, but didn’t mind because they were not harmful to Kenya’s interests.

When McKenzie died, Kenyan authorities secretly facilitated his widow’s travel for a function to honour her late husband, that was organised in Israel by the Mossad.

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