Uhuru Settles Kshs40 Debt to Street Vender Dennis Murimi

  • President Kenyatta chatting with Dennis Murimi in August, 2017. Daily Nation
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has settled his Kshs 40 debt to a street vendor who offered him chewing gum in August, 2017.

    The hawker Dennis Murimi Wachira met Interior PS Karanja Kibicho who settled the Head of State's account. 

    "Ningependa kwanza nikulipe hiyo forty bob, alafu after that, sasa tuongee, (First I'd like to pay you, your Kshs40 that the president owes you before we can discuss other matters)" the Interior PS stated.

    Street vendor Dennis Murimi with PS Karanja Kibicho.

    Kibicho handed Murimi the Kshs50 Shillings note expecting change which the hawker obliged.

    Which a balanced sheet, the two conversed casually with the PS seeking to find out more about Murimi's business.

    Murimi explained that he lived in Shauri Moyo where he was the only provider for his family.

    He further explained that he posted his encounter with the president on Facebook with the hope that someone from State House would reach out and help his situation.

    "Kile ningetaka ni rais anipee kitu nawezafanya na maisha yangu, niweze kusaidia watu wangu (I'd like for the President to help me out with an opportunity to improve my life and that of my family)" he implored the PS.

    Kibicho turned to the Murimi's chief, who was also present in the meeting and directed her to gather the vendor's documents so that they could figure a way to assist the young man.

    Murimi left the office a happy man declaring that the debt with the president had been settled.

    Here is the video:

    The incident happened in September 2017, when Uhuru made an impromptu visit to Burma market along Jogoo road.

    Murimi was among the hundreds of people who had come to give an audience to the president and ended up offering the chewing gum to him.

    “I lifted an orange PK chewing gum and shouted while gesturing to him ‘Mr President, can I sell you this,” he revealed in an interview in 2017.