Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi Blasts Chief Justice David Maraga Over Corruption

  • Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi Twitter
  • Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Sunday blasted Chief Justice David Maraga over corruption links in the judiciary.

    Through his Twitter, the lawyer stated: "I have never practised before a more inept, corrupt, tribal and politically compromised judiciary as is the judiciary is now under CJ Maraga.

    "I was admitted to the Bar in 1993 by CJ Alan Hancox and practiced before CJs Abdul Majid Cockar, Zacchaeus Chesoni, Fred Kwasi Apaloo, Bernard Chunga, Evan Gicheru, Willy Mutunga and now David Maraga," he quipped.

    Chief Justice David Maraga

    According to Nation, the lawyer made a similar attack in an earlier presentation to the Supreme Court.

    When asked to withdraw his "offensive" submissions, the lawyer was adamant; "I am not withdrawing. Let my submissions go the way they are".

    When the CJ questioned whether the Senior Counsel was interpreting his disagreements with the judiciary as political pressure, he retorted; "I am saying your previous rulings were biased and you bent the law upside down".

    During a court appearance in early December where he was representing Kenya Pipeline MD Joe Sang, Ahmednasir scolded the presiding judge Douglas Ogoti over delays.

    "What is abuse of office? Your honour, when you come to your office at 10:30am, instead of 9am, that is abuse of office. It is not such a serious offence," he quipped.

    In another confrontational moment earlier in the year, the CJ reprimanded Ahmednasir over taking matters before the courts to Twitter.

    "Do you want to litigate before this court, or do you want to litigate elsewhere? You are arguing your case out there," the CJ scolded him.

    Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi

    In a rejoinder, the Senior Counsel maintained that he cannot be gagged from commenting about matters addressed in the court.