3 Chinese Workers Beat Up Kenyan Man [VIDEO]

  • Three Chinese workers allegedly beat up a Kenyan man who engaged in a physical confrontation with them at a construction site in Nakuru county.

    In the undated video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the man is seen trying to talk with the Chinese nationals who were constructing the Maili Kumi- Solai Road.

    The context of the conversation is, however, hard to make out as the audio is inaudible.

    The man is seen holding a rock in one hand seemingly ready for combat. It is unclear what agitated the Chinese workers as one approaches the man.

    He dares the Kenyan man to hit him on the head with the rock which the man can be heard repeatedly stating, "I cannot do that."

    The man tries to shove the foreigner aside at which point he loses his balance on a heap of soil on the road. 

    A confrontation ensues as the two men try to push each other. It is at this point that the other two Chinese workers intervene prompting the man to swing the rock with misses them.

    He is overpowered as the Chinese workers gang up on him one holding a 'rungu'.

    They rain blows and kicks on him forcing him into a ditch as spectators watch from the sidelines with someone who is out of the frame calling for the man to stop seeing that they had warned him against challenging the workers.

    The man gets up from the ditch with another stone in his hand, ready for another round, but he is calmed by another spectator.

    Here is the video: