Willam Kamket & Charles Kamuren Fight for Microphone In Front of CS Wamalwa

  • Drama ensued at a meeting attended by Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, in Baringo, Mukutani location, after two MPs jostled over a microphone.

    It is reported that Tiaty MP Willam Kamket disagreed with his Baringo South counterpart, Charles Kamuren, over who should speak first and invite the other.

    The leaders had gone to the area to donate iron sheets and open closed schools.

    However, drama unfolded when Kamket started protesting the choice of the master of ceremony, who was from the minority community, instead of a chief from the majority Pokot community.

    According to Kamket, Mukutani was in his constituency and  thus he should have been the one inviting Kamuren.

    The Tiaty MP became adamant and insisted on inviting Kamuren.

    Finally, when Kamuren went on stage, he told off the former and challenged him to keep off community boundary matters.

    He went on to advice the Tiaty lawmaker to let the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) do its job.

    But in what appeared to be the locals trying to conceal the ‘shame’ from the guests, the county commissioner took over the program and welcomed the County governor, Stanley Kiptis to proceed.

    The Governor introduced the area ward representatives and requested them to sit so as to give ample time to the guests to address the residents.

    Border issues have fueled clashes in the area for a long period of time.