NEMA Sounds Alarm Over Asbetos Roofing Causing Lung Cancer

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), on Monday, issued an alert over how asbestos roofing can increase the chances of getting lung cancer.

In a warning against Nanyuki High School, Laikipia NEMA director warned that the roof had grown old hence pose a health risk to the people around it.

In particular, medical researchers found that ageing and decomposing roofing made of asbestos increased the chance of people getting lung cancer through inhalation of the fibre emitted.

We have advised anyone with asbestos roofing to remove it and seek guidance on how to dispose it,” stated Mr Mosago.

He further warned the public from collecting water from such roofs since it contains cancer-causing elements that accumulate in the body.

Mosago, therefore, appealed to public explaining that they had regulations on how to safely remove the roofing and successfully dispose of it away from human settlements.

Responding to the warning, Nanyuki High School Principal Oliver Minishi called on the state to help the institution dispose off the dangerous material.

He stated the school needs Kshs13.5 million to successfully dispose and replace the asbestos material.

“Most of the school’s buildings have asbestos which has already started wearing off. We need help,” appealed Minishi.