Grace Wambui Who Fed Riverside Attack Rescuers Speaks Out

  • Grace Wambui serving a police officer at the scene of the Riverside attack Twitter
  • The woman behind the viral image that shows her feeding rescuers at the Riverside attack has revealed what inspired the noble act. 

    Grace Wambui stated that her desire to help stemmed from her rough experience during the 2007 post-election violence. 

    She had lived in Kisumu for 22 years and established two hotels before rioters forced her to abandon them. 

    Grace Wambui serving lunch to police officers at Riverside, Westlands

    Speaking on her compassion she stated “My focus was to feed the rescue team. If God gives you life and you have something you can share with someone in need, why withhold it?” 

    “I organised how to help and then called Kileleshwa Police Station boss who allowed me to serve tea and snacks to the officers. I got a renewed sense of purpose," Grace added. 

    She started by buying food with her own money but with time, fellow worshippers, with the help of her parish priest, came on board. 

    By 7pm on Tuesday, she had started serving tea and snacks to police and other volunteer teams deployed at the scene of the attack.

    With support from her Kileleshwa church, St Austin’s Parish and Consolata Shrine, Wambui served tea at 7pm and 10 pm. 

    She returned at regular intervals of two hours on Wednesday and offered more snacks to the security forces.

    Grace told reporters that people were calling her and appreciating the gesture but for her, feeding the officers and
    rescuers was just a simple sign of being her brother’s keeper.

    Police officers at the scene of the Riverside attack