Raila Launches Hyacinth Eradication Drive as AU Envoy

  • Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has launched his first project since his appointment as the African Union envoy in October 2018.

    Odinga, on Friday, officiated the introduction of a 70-meter dredging vessel at Kisumu port in an effort to eradicate Lake Victoria water hyacinth.

    I am determined to ensure that this water hyacinth menace is a thing of the past,” stated the NASA leader.

    He further explained that the process was not limited for Kisumu Port alone but would be replicated in other bays along the lake.

    They include Kindu Bay, Homa Bay, Asembo bay, Sio Port among others.

    Pleased to have presided over the launch of a project that will revitalize Lake Victoria for optimisation of the blue economy.

    Dredging and the removal of hyacinth are part of the transformation of lake-related activities,” remarked the former prime minister.

    This comes years after the menace had slumped businesses around the lake.

    A captain at the lake lamented over taking 7 hours and copious amount of fuel to cover a distance that would normally take only 30 minutes and 20 litres of fuel.

    At the launch, Raila was joined by Uganda Minister of State for Transport Henry Bagiire who claimed that Kenya had lost a lot since the inversion of the sea menace.

    He further revealed that his country had fairly controlled the hyacinth through such measures as what Raila was launching at the lake.

    Raila was appointed to be the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

    Below are more photos of the launch: