Catholic Nuns Save Robber From Mob Justice

  • Catholic nuns during a mass by Pope Francis in Nairobi on November 26, 2015 Twitter
  • Two Catholic nuns on Tuesday morning saved a thief from mob justice and imminent lynching.

    Photos seen by show a group of visibly agitated Kenyans descending on the man along Harry Thuku Road near Museum Hill with blood soaking his clothes.

    On cornering the man, the crowd forced him to sit down on the pedestrian walk awaiting their final verdict.

    In one the photos, a boda boda rider is seen raising a massive brick ready to smash the villain.

    The Catholic nuns intervene to save alleged robber along Harry Thuku Road near Museum Hill. Photo Courtesy of The Standard

    However, in an act of bravery, the Catholic nuns witnessing the scene took it upon themselves to intervene and save the man from the glaring death despite being clearly outnumbered.

    They were captured physically shielding the man from the mob that was baying for his blood.

    After a long tussle, the nuns appeared to have convinced the crowd to let the man "go and never sin again".

    One of the most remarkable photos from the scene is that of one of the nuns walking the man away from the crowd hand in hand.

    Interestingly, the alleged thief was wearing a crucifix, a prominent symbol of Christianity, a religion the Catholic nuns subscribe to.

    The nuns trying to rescue the alleged robber. Photo Courtesy of The Standard

    This saw netizens make fun of the coincidence of the crucifix during the rescue terming it a "salvation by the cross".

    The nuns protecting the alleged robber from the crowd.

    The Catholic nuns intervening for the alleged thief along Harry Thuku Road near Museum Hill.
    The Catholic nuns walking the suspect away from the mob. Photo Courtesy of Standard