DP Ruto Proposes 4 Major Constitutional Changes

  • DP Ruto Speaking at Chatham House on 8/2/2019. Facebook
  • While delivering a lecture at Chatham House lecture in London on Friday, DP William Ruto made remarks about the need to review Kenya’s constitution for purposes of ensuring the country is subject to proper governance.

    The DP indicated that a major problem facing the country is the fact that election losers are usually not accommodated by ruling administrations. As such, losing an election is something that is regarded as being unacceptable even as the people fail to believe in democratic elections.

    “The real problem in our country is not the management of the election. If you go to an election only expecting to win, then you have a problem because the options when you go to an election are you win or you don’t win,” stated Ruto in a live stream seen by Kenyans.co.ke.

    Ruto addressing UK officials in London

    To solve the problem, the DP proposed the country’s laws to have provisions for comforting the losers. He indicated, “In a presidential race, I would propose that the first runner up should automatically be the leader of the opposition.”

    DP Ruto elaborated that it would be better for the first runner up and his or her running mate be offered MP positions automatically.

    He further indicated that the change of the law should make the Deputy President the leader of Government in the parliament and that the same should be applied in the context of the counties.

    Additionally, the DP stated, “In my considered opinion, the Senate should be converted into an Upper House. As it is, it is in between many things.”

    Regarding the cabinet secretaries, Ruto indicated that they “should be ex-officio members of parliament where they can attend a session every week to respond to issues of national importance.”

    "What is more is that the CSs ought not to be selected from the members of parliament. Nonetheless, the move of making them ex-officio MPs would imply that there is a stronger bond between the executive and the legislature," he explained.

    Ruto elucidated that his proposals would serve to enhance service delivery to Kenyans from their government.

    He was, however, keen to note that the determination of whether the country is ready for the change lies with the Kenyan people.

    DP William Ruto delivering a speech at Chatham House in London on 8/2/2019.