ODM MPs Expose Ruto’s Alleged Secret Mission During UK Tour

  • ODM Party Chairman John Mbadi Twitter
  • ODM legislators on Monday accused DP William Ruto of being dishonest with Kenyans regarding the proposed referendum alleging that he only flew to London to engage efforts of undermining it.

    Speaking during a press conference, the Opposition leaders indicated that the DP traveled to London recently with an aim of making anti-referendum remarks in a bid to gather the support of the international community.  

    ODM Party Chairman John Mbadi asserted that the debate was not on whether there should be a referendum or not, but when.

    “Whoever is still raising issues on whether we should have a referendum or not is living in his own world. The DP is completely out of touch with reality in this country,” the ODM Party boss stated.

    DP Ruto during the lecture at Chatham House, London

    The leaders also indicated that with increasing fear of the allegedly imminent referendum, DP Ruto was desperate to convince people that Raila Odinga intends to cause chaos - alleging that this was the reason behind his UK visit.

    Siaya Senator James Orengo and ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna also accused Ruto of campaigning against the peaceful co-existence of Kenyans since this would derail his 2022 ambitions.

    “He (Ruto) is not for a united country because that may not work well for him. He prefers to exploit our tribal differences to fuel his 2022 campaign," Sifuna remarked.

    Terming the DP as a selfish individual that is anti-handshake, the leaders opined that the DP is only concerned with his 2022 presidential bid, which would be straightforwardly jeopardized by an amendment of the Constitution.

    The leaders further indicated that the DP is against any development that would bring Kenyans together.

    Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi also supported the calls for a referendum with the aim of curbing the development of electoral disputes in future.

    “The irreducible minimum as we go to the referendum is the creation of a prime minister position to help us dilute the powers of the president,” Wandayi indicated.

    ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna

    The Deputy President is on record questioning the rationale behind the referendum claiming the country did not have enough resources for the plebiscite just two years after the prolonged General Election of 2017.

    While addressing the audience at Chatham House in London, the DP made arguments that Kenya is already facing the challenge of conducting a census, which is to be followed by boundary review before the 2022 elections.

    Ruto expressed that these activities were bound to negatively affect the already strained country’s resources.

    Interestingly though, the DP when speaking in London also had some suggestion of a need to change the law.

    “When you go to an election and you only expect to win, then you have a problem. Going forward, I think we should only allow democrats to participate in elections,” Ruto had stated.