Nerima Wako Denies Role in Disappearance of Billian Ojiwa

  • Nerima Wako and Billian Ojiwa Citizen Digital
  • Nerima Wako, wife to Billian Ojiwa, the politician who was reported missing since Sunday has refuted claims that she may have caused her husband's disappearance from home.

    On Tuesday, Wako shared the good news on her social media that her husband had been found.

    “We found Billian thank you so much,” Nerima posted.

    She went on to explain the disappearance claiming that her husband was under pressure and decided to take time away from home.

    Nerima Wako

    “He is unharmed. He was overwhelmed and under a lot of stress. Depression and mental health is something we have to discuss in family settings. He had checked himself into a center in Karen. He was spotted on Ngong Roadsides on his way back from Karen,” she disclosed to eDaily.

    According to Wako, who is the CEO of Siasa Place and a columnist with The East African, her husband was experiencing episodes of depression and probably needed time alone.

    Wako had reported that her husband had gone missing after leaving his parents-in-law’s place at Valley Arcade in Nairobi on Sunday.

    However, some people suggested that she aggressively confronted her husband, resulting in his disappearance.

    It is reported that Ojiwa's friend disclosed how the politician went to his office, where he took money before going into seclusion.

    “He [Ojiwa] went and picked Ksh15, 000 from his office after leaving Valley Arcade. He, thereafter, went to some retreat center ‘to think and be alone’,” Ojiwa’s friend commented.

    Ojiwa, who is in his early thirties, is the chairman of the youth congress of the Kenya African National Union (Kanu).

    KANU chairperson, Gideon Moi, is among the people who commissioned a search for Ojiwa.

    Billian Ojiwa

    He is best known for the Ficha Uchi Initiative, a programme he founded that gives school uniforms to needy children.