Nurses Hospitalized After Attack by Patients

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  • Two nurses were hospitalized after a knife attack by rowdy patients at Mama Lucy Hospital on Saturday night.

    Police reports indicate that three civilians arrived at the hospital demanding to be attended to immediately.

    Although the patients wanted to bypass the due procedure, the nurses indicated that they had a pressing emergency to attend to hence could not attend to them.

    This decision reportedly angered the civilians who responded by attacking the nurses although two of the attackers have since been arrested and are expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

    Nurses attend to patients at a hospital

    According to Citizen, this is reportedly not the first assault case to be reported at the facility.

    Nurses indicate that such cases are also a common occurrence in hospitals across the city, a factor attributed to intoxicated patients.

    For instance, in October 2018, nurses at the country's largest health facility Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) narrated how male patients sexually harass them.

    Reports by Nation indicated that the nurses singled out the orthopedic ward as the most notorious department over harassment.

    From verbalized threats of intent, sexual assault, grabbing and shoving, the female nurses' encounters in the wards are saddening.

    The orthopaedic ward was described by one of the nurses as "abnormal" and "where unusual things happen".

    "They tell me to my face that they want to sleep with me," a nurse at KNH was quoted.

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