Cancer Patient Brutally Murdered in Kenyatta Hospital

  • Medics at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi were astounded after a cancer patient was found brutally murdered in a ward on Sunday morning.

    42-year-old Cosmas Kenyatta, who was recuperating at the hospital, is said to have been attacked by an unknown assailant with a metal rod found at the scene.

    Mr Kenyatta, a father of four, was found with several stabs on the head and his legs were broken with blood spread all over the walls and floor. One of the deceased's eyes was also gorged out.

    Confirming the incident, Kilimani OCPD Peter Kattam said that Kenyatta was sharing the ward with another patient who had speech and hearing impairment.

    He further added that the police would now have to depend on the patient as the main witness despite his impairment.

    “The greatest challenge we have now is that the patient on the next bed is deaf and dumb yet he is the main witness here,” Mr Kattam said.

    The police will also rely on the hospital's CCTV footage to unmask the alleged killer.

    “We are also analyzing CCTV footage to see if someone might have walked into the ward disguised as the deceased’s visitor but with the aim of murdering him,” Katam added.

    The hospital's management is yet to give a comment on the issue.

    Several weeks ago, another patient, Alex Madaga, passed on at the same hospital after he was denied admission and stayed in an ambulance for 18 hours.

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    Also a few months ago, a robbery with violence inmate admitted at KNH under tight security, managed to escape despite being guarded by five police officers.

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