KNH Nurses Narrate How Male Patients Sexually Harass Them

  • Nurses at the country's largest health facility Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) have narrated how male patients sexually harass them.

    According to Nation, the nurses singled out the orthopedic ward as the most notorious over harassment.

    From verbalized threats of intent, sexual assault, grabbing and shoving, the female nurses' encounters in the wards are saddening.

    "They tell me to my face that they want to sleep with me," a nurse was quoted.

    One nurse narrated how a patient precisely described her undergarments including the colour after apparently peeping beneath her clothes as she attended to other patients.

    The orthopaedic ward was described by one of the nurses as "abnormal" and "where unusual things happen".

    Reports indicate that there are no security guards on the sixth floor where the ward is located.

    Some patients allegedly manage to sneak beer and drugs at night into the ward that hosts patients with musculoskeletal system problems.

    The revelation came days after a nurse was brutally attacked and injured by relatives of a patient who died due to lack of blood for transfusion.

    In a statement sent out following the attack, Nursing Council of Kenya CEO Edna Tallam stated, "Our health professionals give their best and they must be respected and protected".

    There have been strained relationship between KNH and its nurses over security incidents such as the alleged murder of a cancer patient by nurses in 2017.

    In March 2018, a brain surgery performed on the wrong patient led to trading of blames between the nurses, doctors and the hospital's management.