Law Student Who Doubles Up as a Watchman

  • Peterson Moturi, a diploma student at the Kenya School of Law has worked as a watchman for three years in order to cater for his school fees.

    The 28-year-old has been doing petty jobs from 2014 when he travelled to Nairobi in order to pay his school fees. He studies during the day and works as a watchman at night. He only sleeps for two hours.

    “I did odd jobs like washing cars at night, being a hawker, conductor and managed to raise the Ksh 50,000 that I paid at the Kenya School of Law,” he stated.

    According to a local daily, Moturi scored a C plain on his second attempt at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) Examination.

    Afterwards, he joined the Kenya School of Law, where he had to defer for two semesters due to lack of school fees.

    “Then director at the Kenya School of Law, PLO Lumumba gave me a scholarship for my second year,” he stated.

    “My balance was cleared by Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris through another scholarship,” he told Nairobi News.

    Moturi’s passion for becoming a lawyer started at a young age when the area chief broke into their home and took away their TV and drum of water.

    When he reported this incident to the police, they arrested the chief and the case proceeded at the Nyamira law courts where he followed it up till the chief was sentenced to two years.

    The law student states he got motivated at how the magistrate solved the case.

    “You can argue with me but you will never win,” he states.

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