Former NLC Chairman Mohamad Swazuri Claims Work-Related Stress Caused Wife's Miscarriage

  • Former National Lands Commission Chairman Mohamed Swazuri Twitter
  • Mohamad Swazuri, the former Former National Lands Commission Chairman, on Tuesday evening, complained that his wife lost a pregnancy because of the pressure associated with the nature of his job.

    Swazuri was speaking in an interview with by KTN News only a few hours before the end of his term together with the other commissioners of NLC (Tuesday midnight).

    He was keen to note that his leadership position at the commission took a toll on his personal life and family owing to a lot of work-related stress.

    Mohamad Swazuri in his former office at NLC

    The former NLC chairman also claimed that his life was threatened on more than one occasion and that he managed to escape eight assassination attempts during his tenure.

    “I have lost a child because of this. My wife miscarried because of this job, you don’t put that in the newspapers. I have escaped assassination attempts, eight of them, the media has only reported on only two of them,” lamented Swazuri.

    “You think it is easy when people are trying to kill me. I have suffered and my family has suffered but because this is my country I have to serve and I am going to do what is needed. Whether the ministry likes it or not,” he added.

    In the course of the interview, Swazuri was visibly agitated.

    Nonetheless, he seemed confident that he had performed in his job of serving the country.

    The former NLC boss defended his record informing that he ensured he was committed to the interest of Kenyans despite forces of strong opposition and threats from land grabbers in the country.

    Swazuri will be leaving the commission with a cloud over his head in consideration that he is still fighting charges of corruption levelled against him in relation to compensations for SGR land.

    Muhamad Swazuri appearing in court