NTSA Suspends Green Line Bus Company’s Licence

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  • The National Transport and Safety Authority has suspended operations of the Green Line Bus Company following an accident that happened on Sunday.

    In a statement, NTSA Director General, Francis Meja, highlighted that the company had been suspended due to the continuous traffic violations.

    He added the violation was in line with section 34 of the NTSA Act.

    A vehicle belonging to Green Line Bus Company.

    “The suspension takes effect from February 20, 2019,” Meja stated.

    The statement outlined the Company would remain suspended if the following conditions were not met.

    NTSA Director General Francis Meja

    1) Compliance with the legally defined branding as detailed in the Public Service Regulations.

    2) Compliance inspection at NTSA motor vehicle inspection centers for all its vehicles.

    3) )Acquisition of Road Service Licences (RSL) for all its vehicles and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) for all its drivers and conductors.

    4) Reinstatement of the fleet management system with all vehicles with RSL reflected and trackable

    5) Compliance with all provisions of the PSV regulations.

    6) Road Safety Training for all it’s drivers, conductors, owners and company officials.

    Nine people and several others were injured after a bus headed to Nairobi collided with an oncoming trailer along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway.