Drug Trafficker Dies During High-Speed Police Chase

  • Recovered rolls of bhang on display at a police precinct File
  • A suspected drug trafficker died tragically on Thursday in Mavueni, Kilifi county, following a high paced police chase that resulted in the recovery of a huge bhang consignment.

    According to Kilifi South OCPD, Joseph Muriuki, the deceased and an unnamed accomplice had been stopped by police officers for a routine check in Mariakani, but they refused to comply and sped off.

    "The vehicle had escaped a police barrier in Mariakani. It was during the chase that the vehicle lost control and overturned," affirmed Muriuki, while speaking to The Nation.

    It was their action that gave them away as by speeding off, they had confirmed to the security officers that they were in possession of illegal contraband.

    Police arrest suspects during a raid

    The security authorities were soon hot on their tail as they sped away at dangerous speeds.

    Muriuki affirmed that the race dragged on for an estimated 60 kilometres, from Mariakani to the Mavueni area, where the driver lost control of the vehicle, swerved off the road and overturned.

    One of the suspects died on the spot following the grisly accident while the driver was taken into custody.

    Upon inspection, the police found 10 bags of bhang, a quantity the OCPD described as the biggest they had nabbed in 2019 so far.

    The seize comes barely two months since 1,000 rolls of the same drug, with an estimated street value of Ksh330,000, were nabbed in Mtwapa, Kilifi county.

    Bags of bhang that were seized in Kilifi