Centum Real Estate Will Deliver Your New Home and This is How

  • A Ksh100 Billion development by Vipingo Development Limited a subsidiary of Centum Investments. Twitter
  • Everyone has a valid dream that, for the very least, sounds like something plucked right off a glossy architectural book.

    A dream to have, not just a house, but a home right in the high end neighborhoods whose security detail is top-notch with the kind of leafy surrounding that whispers back.

    A home with a well-manicured lawn, polished floors and furniture with a design to die for.

    After a long day’s work, all a human being dreams of is going to a home where everything is in a rhythmic sync: From the sounds of children happily playing around to a peaceful environment that radiates good vibes.

    An artistic impression of top-notch houses to expect from Centum investments.

    Approaching inside the house, a comfortably relaxed aesthetic wades you into the arms of a good couch with the right amount of entertainment that only a good rest can come out of.

    A home that inspires the owner to get out every day with renewed zeal to concur the world and mark a stamp of authority in it. Forever.

    This is where Centum Real Estate Investment professionals come in.

    With a proven record of delivering quality real estate products in a timely manner, your efforts surely need a good anchor that will walk with you through the thick and thin of life to have your name on a building with a well-manicured lawn.

    In Kenya, Centum is the brains behind Two Rivers, the biggest mall in East and Central Africa with various other polished properties delivered to satisfied clients worldwide.

    The company developed the elegant Cascadia and Riverbank Apartments at Two Rivers and Awali Estate and 1255 Palm Ridge at Vipingo Development LTD with 60 per cent and Phase one sold out respectively.

    Inside one of the houses delivered by Centum investments.

    The company’s delivery record was so impressive that it has spread its wings across the region with top-grade services now available in the Ugandan market.

    There, Centum boasts some of the greatest designs yet with Riviera Residences, Mirabela Residences and 256 Bela Vista all anchored at Pearl Marina Estates LTD.

    With some of the above properties under construction today, Centum invites you to get on board with the real estate company that has your interests in mind by providing you with assured quality residential offerings delivered within the set timelines.

    It is time you let real professionals take on your aspirations head on and deliver them to the promised land if not your dream home.

    Talk to Centum Real Estate on +254 709 902 900 for more on their residential projects.

    Watch the video below:

    Life With Centum Real Estate

    The Centum Real Estate . portfolio consists of Cascadia Apartments Riverbank Apartments, Awali Estate, 1255 Palm Ridge, 256 Bella Vista, and Riviera Residence.
    Talk to them on +254 709 902 900 for more on their residential projects.

    Posted by Kenyans.co.ke on Thursday, March 14, 2019