Mombasa MCAs Impeach County Transport Executive

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  • Members of Mombasa County Assembly on Tuesday afternoon impeached the County’s top official in charge of transport Tawfiq Balala.

    Such came even after Governor Ali Hassan Joho had shown apparent efforts of defending his cabinet member and imploring the MCAs to spare him.

    The motion of impeachment against Balala was moved by Athman Shebe, the MCA of Jomvu Kuu Ward.

    Balala was accused by the ward representatives of being highly incompetent over and above engaging in acts that implied the violation of the Constitution.

    Balala with governor Hassan Joho

    The MCAs also noted that Balala did nothing meaningful to ensure sufficient street lighting in the county despite being allocated sufficient amounts of money for the project.

    The official was also accused of being responsible for the incomplete project that overlapped financial years without any meaningful progress.

    MCAs were adamant that Balala’s department had been allocated Ksh891 million for the 2017/18 financial year that was increased to Ksh1.7 billion by the supplementary budget, but most projects have still stalled.

    Balala was also accused of failing to manage revenue collection with regards to parking fees and the county advertising department.

    MCA Shebe asserted, “There was 0.3 per cent decline in revenue collection from the aforementioned activities in the financial year 2017/18 under the leadership of Tawfiq Balala.”

    “He has also failed to submit quarterly reports to the County Assembly to enable the Assembly discharge its oversight role to the Executive,” added Shebe.

    The MCAs also unanimously agreed that Balala was arrogant since he repeatedly disregarded their calls to honour summons.

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