How State Pathologist Aided in Beryl Ouma's Murder Cover Up - Family

  • The late Beryl Ouma, who was allegedly murdered by the husband Facebook
  • Johansen Oduor, a Government pathologist, has been accused by Beryl Ouma's family of trying to interfere with her murder case.

    Oduor is allegedly Laiko Osuri's cousin while Osuri is the man accused of the murder.

    Following an affidavit filed at the Kiambu High court, Beryl's father Douglas Ouma Nyakach, through lawyer Evans Ondieki, accused Oduor of interfering with the matter.

    File image of Johansen Oduor, Government pathologist

    The deceased family claim that after Beryl was murdered, Oduor advised the accused's parents to remove the body from the scene of the crime to the hospital.

    They also allegedly tried to persuade the hospital to lie about Beryl's death.

    However, the reception at Neema hospital refused to admit the body of the 28-year-old since she was already dead.

    "The accused is very forceful, arrogant and is likely to violently interfere with the witnesses," Nyakach stated.

    The family also opposed Lyko Osuri's bail application, stating that if released on bail, he would interfere with witnesses, most of whom were his relatives.

    "There is legitimate anxiety about the impact the accused person might have on such witnesses if he is released pending trial," Nyakach stated.

    Ms Ouma died on February 21, 2019, after a fight ensued between her and her husband, Osuri, at their home in Kahawa Sukari.

    She was confirmed dead by a doctor at Neema hospital in the same estate.

    The late Beryl and the husband on their wedding