American Company to Cultivate Marijuana in Kenya

  • An American company based in New York claims that it has obtained a license to cultivate marijuana in Kenya.

    The company indicates that it intends to cultivate the product in large scale on a 500 acres piece of land.

    Currently, marijuana remains an illegal product in the country. GoIP Global Inc, however, communicated to its shareholders via a notice that it had secured a permit to grow the stimulant on a 500-acre plot in Kenya.

    “After visiting Kenya and meeting with officials in the country, I am very excited about the prospects this agreement (license) brings to our company. This is the first of several critical transactions that will transform GoIP into a relevant member of the burgeoning cannabis industry,” stated the company’s chairman.

    “The lease term will be for 25 years and Kenya being on the Equator provides the best conditions for all-year-round production,” added the chairman.

    The Kenyan government has, however, denied issuing such a license maintaining that marijuana is prohibited in the country.

    In a report by Business Daily, Agricultural Research Principal Secretary Hamadi Boga informed that he is not aware of any permit issued to GoIP Global Inc for the growing of cannabis.

    “I am not aware of the licensing of the said firm to grow marijuana. As you are aware, cannabis is not in the list of crops that we currently regulate,” indicated Professor Boga.

    Boga also informed that the company would be required to go to the Attorney-General to have marijuana removed from the Penal Code as an illegal crop so that it may secure a permit to cultivate it.

    A contact person of NACADA indicated that he had no knowledge of the subject matter.