Furious MPs Shame Nana Gecaga After Meeting Goes Wrong

  • The Parliamentary Committee on Tourism, Sports and Culture was on Monday forced to cancel a meeting with KICC boss Nana Gecaga who is also President Uhuru Kenyatta's niece.

    Committee chairman Victor Munyaka told Ms Gecaga that the meeting would not proceed since she appeared ill-prepared for it. 

    The members castigated the manner in which they were received during the visit to inspect the facility.

    “Ms Gecaga appeared ill-prepared for the visit despite having been notified by the Clerk of the National Assembly two weeks prior to the visit.

    “The members struggled to find their way into the building and to the CEO’s boardroom only to find her missing," Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna  told Business Daily.

    He decried that they had to wait for about 30 minutes before she surfaced in the boardroom. 

    The lawmaker added that she was also casually dressed in jeans trousers and a T-shirt on a weekday and seemed unbothered by the MPs’ presence.

    Just the previous week, President Kenyatta had told off Nana's brother, Jomo Gecaga, in Namibia for not being serious during a meeting with Kenyans in the diaspora. 

    "I have a long-serving PA here. He is also just staring at people. He is looking at his watch instead of writing what people are saying," he added.

    Uhuru went on to state that the team relied on him to remember what was said at various meetings. In instances where the president couldn't recall, then the information would be gone with the wind since no one bothered to take notes.