Atwoli Re–elected President of the Global Industrial Relations Oversight Board

  • COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has been re-elected for the second time running as the president of the Global Industrial Relations Oversight Board (GIRO).

    The elections took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

    He will serve the task of managing the organization and ensuring all reported and non-reported cases of abuse at the workplace are dealt with promptly and to the satisfaction of the parties involved. 

    COTU posted a tweet on Thursday to confirm the election.

    GIRO is the organization charged with the mandate of oversight and regulating all industrial relations matters as well as monitoring and reporting any cases of abuse at the workplace on the global platform.

    It has field offices in areas across the world that execute the mandate via covert and precise ways.

    In the elections, Michael O’brien, from the United Kingdom, was elected the Chief Executive and Secretary General.

    In his acceptance speech, Atwoli indicated, “I urge both employers and governments to respect and adhere to the enormous industrial relations machinery available in their respective countries and in case of disagreements.”

    Atwoli remembered to cite the recent developments in the Aviation Industry where trade union officials were labelled and treated as criminals and dragged into a non-competent Principal Magistrate’s Court to hear a dispute that the magistrate was not competent to hear.

    The delegates in attendance at the conference were in harmony in condemning the developments.

    They demanded that GIRO takes up the matter immediately with a view to reporting and taking appropriate action against the Kenyan government.

    They also expressed their support towards the Kenyan government and President Uhuru Kenyatta in the manner he was dealing with corruption in the country.

    Atwoli was also lauded by the delegates for his contribution in the fight against corruption in the country.

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