NRG Radio is The New Digital King in Town

NRG Radio has taken the digital space by storm. Barely a year old and the media house seems to have figured out one or two things about digital marketing and are leading their competition who have been in the media space for years.

Their growth has shaken the market and their platforms, as well as radio model, being an admiration of many. It was the first audiovisual station in Kenya and largely Africa and has become a key benchmark for most media houses across the region.

Leveraging on Instagram, the media house has already surpassed the numbers of other leading stations with 94.6k followers.

In second is Kiss 100 (89.9 K) followed by  Radio Jambo (81.6 K), Capital FM (80.4 K), Radio Maisha (78.7 K), Homeboyz Radio (70.5 K), Hot 96 (62.5 K), Classic FM (42.0 K), with Milele FM (40.3 K) closing off the top 10 list.

Instagram has over 25 million business accounts with 80 percent of its total users following at least one business.

No doubt to say that if Instagram numbers, advertiser’s preference and reach is anything to go by, NRG Radio is undisputedly the new digital king in town leading on Instagram numbers, visual and engaging content.

Social Media Platforms are considered a very impactful business thriving environment with Digital marketing on a steady surge for individual and brands across all ages.

Businesses have quickly adopted digital campaigns to reach their audiences on their most preferred platforms with their products and services.

Additionally, handheld devices are rapidly growing as the computer of choice for the general public for their portability and convenience which gives apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook amongst others access to an immense audience.

According to recent Global reports, there are over one million new users coming online for the first time every day since January 2018 which has resulted in over 4.39 Billion internet users today.

Instagram has been a key beneficiary of this immense growth with over 1 Billion users today and is considered the most trending and preferred of the social platforms.

As businesses look into different ways of reaching potential new consumers of their products and services, media houses given their significant role in advertising campaigns have had no choice but to align with the new digital age.

NRG Radio is really one station to watch. With claims that the station is now “Pregnant”, we can only wait and see what is next for this fast-growing urban lifestyle station.