US Ambassador Kyle McCarter Decries Runway Corruption in Kenya

  • US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has decried the high cost of corruption in the country saying that it hits the poor the worst.

    "Those who pay the highest price are the poor who suffer the most today, being robbed of opportunity, democracy, and institutions of law and order.

    "Not paying 100 bob chai (tea) could equate to loss of a job and your children not eating," Ambassador McCarter noted with concern.

    Calling on serious action against the perpetrators of graft, the envoy indicated that the onus is on every Kenyan to ensure that the war is won.

    "High price for each of us to fight corruption. We cannot defer the responsibility to fight corruption to another generation. May God give us the courage to take up this fight. Watoto wetu wana thamani yake (Our children are valuable)," stated.

    "Leadership at the top will need to continue to push for convictions, repayment, steep fines, and jail time of the big offenders. An example must be set. Flow of stolen money out of the country must be stopped," he asserted.

    A section of Kenyans urged the Ambassador to use his influence and position to ensure that proceeds of corruption stashed in offshore accounts.

    However, the Ambassador retorted, "Getting money back is not enough. An example must be set of steep punishment causing fear for people to even consider such".

    A tweep opined that McCarter's aggression against graft should start with the cancellation of Bechtel's deal to construct Kenya's first expressway which was also marred with corruption allegations.

    McCarter nevertheless defended the American giant construction firm's record in the Ksh300 billion Nairobi-Mombasa Expressway deal.

    "This is an infrastructure project that is half the price of the Chinese. Do you ever ask yourself why you have been charged double in the past?

    "The infrastructure project trains and employs Kenyans each kilometer of road. You do want self reliance right? Do your homework please," McCarter posed.