Uhuru Unveils Ksh10B Kitty for Historical Injustices

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has stated he will designate a Ksh10 billion fund to heal the wound of historical grievances, which have long poisoned the politics of the Country and pained communal relations.

    He was speaking during the State of the Nation address in parliament on Thursday afternoon.

    The president cited that through the help of parliamentarians and through the affected communities, he would designate the funds to establish symbols of hope across the Country.

    He added that this would be made possible by building heritage sites and Community Information Centers.

    "This would remind us and our future generation of the path taken to towards reconciliation and healing," the president noted.

    The Head of State noted that Kenyans have suffered in the past as a result of discord, citing it as one of his Agenda's in order to bring harmony and unity to his Government.

    "We must be alive to the reality of this noble goal and this cannot be achieved if we are operating in disharmony," the president stated.

    He added that every Kenyan has to advocate for unity and cohesion.

    Uhuru stated that his pursuit of unity and cohesion had informed the Handshake, which is an illustration of peace in many communities.