Alfred Mutua Proposes New Measures to Force Lifestyle Audit on Politicians 

  • Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua on Thursday made an ambitious proposal that seeks to fight the runaway corruption in the country.

    Speaking in Mombasa at Voyager Beach Hotel, Dr Mutua stated that no budget should be passed by legislative bodies until concerned leaders undertake lifestyle audits.

    “To ensure that new budget allocations are not used to make a few people rich while the rest of Kenyans who fund the budget through taxation wallow in poverty, I am proposing that no budget be passed by legislative bodies until concerned leaders undertake lifestyle audits,” he stated.

    The Machakos County chief added that Parliament and County assemblies should not pass the 2019-2020 budget estimates until leaders such as the President, Deputy President, Governors, Cabinet Secretaries, Judges, and other State Officers have undertaken lifestyle audits. 

    The governor noted that if nothing happens by May, there would be no need for budgets to be approved.

    “The rate of corruption in our country is quite high and many members of the public believe that Government officials especially senior politicians in the National and County Governments are thieves,” he stated.

    Dr Mutua cited scandals including Chickengate, noting that the accused in London were charged and punished, yet this has not been the case in Kenya.

    “People were arrested in England over issues in Kenya. They were prosecuted and they served their three years in prison. They got out of jail and yet the same case is still being handled by lower courts in Kenya,” he mentioned.

    He, however, expressed concern at how some senior government officials allegedly resisted scrutiny of their wealth.

    “It is baffling why some senior government officials have resisted scrutiny of their wealth, making Wananchi (citizens) think that the wealth is ill-gotten. Only a thief resists a lifestyle audit,” he remarked.