Why Yvonne Okwara Was Angry With God For Many Years

  • An undated photo of Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara in studio Facebook
  • Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara has gone through her fair share of life's struggles to get to where she is. 

    During a candid interview with namesake Yvonne Aoll in 2018, she opened up that for a long time, she felt anger towards God for letting her family go through very tough times. 

    "For a long time, very angry with God. I used to think, He is God, He has the power to take away every hardship my family has been through. I was quite angry with Him, then I made peace with it, and learned to forgive, even Him," narrated the hard-hitting anchor.

    An undated photo of Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara in studio

    Yvonne had to care for her late brother Albert, who lived with a disability until he passed on in 2018. He was blind, deaf and dumb.

     "When I bring up his name, Yvonne’s demeanor changes. On her face, I see a touch of sadness, pain, want and longing, all intertwined," the interviewer had noted of the news presenter. 

    The journalist narrated that her family suffered embarrassment from relatives in the form of insults, desertion abandonment and disinheritance. 

    Okwara explained that society does not understand what it is like to be affected by disability. 

    "You can only truly understand that life if someone close to you struggles with a disability, or you struggle with it yourself," Yvonne told her interviewer. 

    When asked about how challenging it is to care for a person living with a disability, she responded, "I can’t put it to words. It’s incredibly difficult. It’s more than difficult. It’s another thing altogether."

    A little known fact about Yvonne is that she studied Microbiology at JKUAT.

    An undated photo of Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara in a shoot