Alert Issued to Kenyans Over Cyclone Kenneth in Tanzania

  • A satellite image mapping the likely path of Cyclone Kenneth Facebook
  • The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) has issued an alert to Kenyan over the incoming cyclone expected to hit the Southern Coast of Tanzania and Mozambique.

    Cyclone Kenneth is set to make landfall on Thursday night and evacuations are already underway in Lindi and Mtwara regions of Tanzania and Pemba in Mozambique.

    Addressing concerns by Kenyans over the likelihood of the cyclone hitting the Kenyan Coast, the weatherman stated that it was not possible.

    "It is false that cyclone Kenneth will hit the Kenyan Coast. By the laws of physics, Cyclones cannot come this close to the equator. Landfall will be northern Mozambique as shown in the satellite image," the agency stated.

    Kenya Meteorological Department headquarters in Dagoretti, Nairobi.

    KMD, however, noted that certain parts of Kenya would experience increased levels of rainfall resulting from the cyclone.

    "However we may experience the effects of the cyclone in the form of enhanced rainfall over parts of Isiolo, Western Kenya, Samburu and Nairobi," the weatherman stated.

    Already certain parts of the country have experienced heavy rainfall with flooding reported in different areas.

    On Tuesday, transport was paralysed along Kakuma-Lokichogio road following rains experienced in Turkana County.

    Earlier on, Tanzanian Meteorological Agency (TMA) acting Director-General Pascal Waniha stated that the storm was travelling at 160km/hr at sea and was expected to be 450 kilometres from Mtwara travelling at a wind speed of 130km/hr.

    “During the night, tropical storm Kenneth is expected to be 250km from Mtwara, travelling at an estimated speed of 150km/hr,” Dr Wahina was quoted by the local publications.

    Tanzanian Meteorological Agency (TMA) acting Director-General Pascal Waniha addressing a workshop on 16/10/2016.