James Orengo's Suit That Kenyans Can't Stop Roasting

  • Siaya Senator James Orengo covers his face after fellow senators surprise him on his birthday om 22/02/19 Facebook
  • Kenyans are making fun of the suit Siaya Senator James Orengo wore on Friday, when he visited former President Daniel Moi's Kabarak home to offer his condolences following the death of his son. 

    He was accompanied by Senate Speaker Ken Kusaka, Nakuru Senator Kihika Kimani and Isiolo Senator Fatuma Dullo

    The group photo they took and posted online is what signaled the ridicule about Orengo's wardrobe mishap. 

    Senators Fatuma Dullo, Susan Kihika, Gideon Moi Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, and Senator James Orengo at Kabarak on 26/04/19

    The image showed that the bottom button of his blazer was fixed on the top buttonhole, taking away the flair he intended to display with the suit. 

    Though his trousers were well pressed, they also appeared to be too baggy for the liking of Kenyans.

    The mishap reminded many of the senator's Ksh 500,000 suit that lawyer Miguna Miguna wrote about in his book, Peeling Back the Mask

    Murimi Wanjiru blamed Orengo friends who failed to alert him about the mistake. 

     "Hio koti ya Orengo ndio Coat of arms (Is Orengo's blazer the coat of arms)? " wondered Kevin Karanja

    Martin Muli suggested that legal action needed to be taken against Orengo, whom Kenyans christened a walking constitution, for violation of style. 

    "Na mbona hii koti ya Orengo imekunjana kunjana... huyu wife anafaa akue divorced, analala kwa class (Why does Orengo's suit have creases...he should divorce his wife for sleeping on the job)," commented Gege Biuki

    Collins Wekesa suggested that "time is catching up with the senior counsel Orengo..buttoning properly is a problem now."

    A caricature that cartoonist Gado used to illustrate Senator James Orengo's Ksh500K suit
    Comments on Senator James Orengo's suit

    Comments on Senator James Orengo's suit
    Comments on Senator James Orengo's suit

    Comments on Senator James Orengo's suit