Uhuru's Security Intervenes After Chinese Man Tries to Touch Him

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta with delegates at the Kenya-China Business Forum on 26/04/19 Facebook
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta's security is not taking any chance with his safety during his visit to China. 

    A video has emerged online of a Chinese delegate trying to get the president's attention while leaving the Kenya-China Business Forum which he was presiding over. 

    The clip shows that as soon as the man stretches his hand to touch Uhuru, one of his security men elbows him to the side as the president unresponsively walks ahead. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking at the Kenya-China Business Forum on 26/04/19

    The bodyguard also seems to have had a word with the businessman because the Chinese man nods as they exchange glances. 

    The businessman was left dejected and had to think of a better way to seek an audience with President Kenyatta.

    The forum sought to strengthen business ties between Kenya and China with a focus on increasing commerce between the two countries.

    Uhuru delivered a presentation in a bid to woo the Chinese investors present at the forum to view Kenya as a highly valuable investment opportunity.

    "We are not asking you to do Kenya any favours, we want you to come and invest in Kenya because when you make money, we will make money, this is what shared prosperity is all about," Uhuru asserted.

    President Uhuru informed the various delegates that investing in Kenya offered a unique opportunity, as it provided any potential investors greater access to a wider African market.

     Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia, revealed that 11 Chinese companies were jostling to get a piece of the pie in terms of investing in Kenya's Affordable Housing Project. 

    Watch the video below.