Mutula Kilonzo Jr & Andrew Kibe's Notorious High School Gang

  • Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior and NRG Radio presenter Andrew Kibe attended the same high school and are proud to have been in the coolest gang in the school. 

    The two attended Nairobi Millimani School, which Kibe told, was frequently mistakenly referred to as Nairobi School by people who couldn't tell the difference. 

    During an interview at NRG Radio, they recalled some of the notorious exploits members of their group did. 

    As students, they were known to be very fashionable. Instead of wearing the official school uniform, they would shop for clothes with colors similar to the school attire at markets such as Gikomba.

    When they couldn't find a match, they would buy an outfit and have a tailor make necessary adjustments. Mutula was famous for wearing suspenders which he also coincidentally wore to the interview. 

    Kutswa, one of the members of the group, was the funniest of them all while Oscar was the sports fan and even featured in Kenya Sevens' initial rugby team.

    Okumu who Kibe described as the greatest hustler he's ever met, once walked into form one classes and asked students to contribute money for a schoolmate who had passed away. The story was not true and Okumu just needed some extra coins. 

    Senator Mutula was even shocked at how Okumu ended up joining the US army despite being denied a visa by the US Embassy Nairobi thrice.

    Speaking about Kibe, the senator stated that he joined his classmate in performing plays at different churches in Nairobi. Even as such the outspoken presenter still portrayed the same behavior he speaks about on his controversial videos and radio show.  

    The senator, on the other hand, was quiet, reserved and was considered the brains of the group. Looking back, they all grew up from the youthful exuberance and made the best of themselves. 

    Watch Senator Mutula and Andrew Kibe recounting their high school memories below.