Sheilah Sheldon, 10, Catches Sonko's Eye With Incredible Talent

  • 10-year-old Sheilah Sheldon is still making waves across East Africa with her painting talent - her latest admirer being Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

    Weeks after dropping a painting to Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni in Kampala over the Easter Holiday, the young artist also paid a visit to City Hall.

    Sonko expressed his gratitude to Sheilah for the portrait she had made of him.

    "I was so pleased to meet Sheilah Sheldon, when she passed by the office to drop me this amazing portrait drawing of me," he conveyed.

    Sonko presented a cheque of Ksh100,000 to Sheilah encouraging her to continue with her studies that would propel her to even more endeavors.

    "We need to support such artistry so they cannot only earn a living from their God-given talents but also grow knowing that artistry like any other career pays. She also runs a foundation in support of art," he stated.

    During her visit in Uganda, Museveni took to Twitter posting photos of himself with Sheldon and her mother in his private residence in Rwakitura during their visit that came after a request she made to him last month.

    In his tweet, he reiterated, "Nine-year-old Sheldon is a visual artist. In Mombasa, she offered me a painting and requested to visit me during the Easter holidays."

    In another tweet, the Ugandan head of state noted, "My muzukulu from Mombasa, Sheilah Sheldon, visited me in Rwakitura with her mother as we agreed she would when I met her during my recent state visit to Kenya."

    “Talent of whatever form should be nurtured alongside formal education. I thank her for the gifts she brought me.”