Standard Media Journalist Caught Up in Shooting Incident

  • A Standard Media reporter was, on Thursday, attacked while in line of duty when a gang stormed a Nakuru court to free their colleague.

    In a detailed report contained in The Standard, the reporter identified as Daniel Chege, wrote that he was covering the proceeding when some 20 youth got in and attempted to free their colleague who had charged with possessing bhang worth Sh200.

    He narrated that he was attempting to take photos of the melee when the prison warders roughed him up and took away his camera.

    He further disclosed that he was taken to the police cell and the officers demanded him to show them the pictures he had taken.

    "In the cell, the prison guards demanded that he shows them what pictures he had taken with the camera and ordered him to delete them.

    "But he had not taken any pictures because the camera was snatched from him before he could click once," he wrote.

    Witnesses who were at the court during the saga told the paper that it all started when the gang moved to block two the prison warders from escorting the suspect to custody.

    “Two members of the gang, who were surrounding the warders, attacked one of them and in the struggle, the warder fell down,” narrated the witness.

    Confirming the incident, Chief Inspector of Nakuru Gk Prisons Kamau Maina stated that the mod surrounded the warder at the court's gates.

    A prison officer was allegedly maimed as the horde made their way into the station to free their comrade who was suspected of being a drug trafficker.

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