Family Seeks US Help in 400-Acre Land Row With 'Uhuru's Nephew'

  • An image of a parcel of land in Nairobi. Twitter
  • A family based in Nairobi is now seeking the help of the United States in a 400-acre land row between them and a man claiming to be President Uhuru Kenyatta's nephew.

    Daily Nation Newspaper reported that the family of Robert Lloyd Humphrey and his wife Margaret Wamaitha Humphrey reached out to the US envoy in an attempt to help them resolve the dispute that has dragged on for 49 years.

    The Humphreys argued that they acquired the parcel, which is located at Mlolongo area, Nairobi, on October 1, 1970 from Beacon Ranch Limited for Sh30,000 and that they have been living there since then.

    A businessman, identified as Nicholas Nzioka Ndambuki, who claims to be Uhuru's nephew, is also laying claim on the property despite National Land Commission, through a task force set up in 2011 by former Interior minister George Saitoti, declaring that the parcel belonged to the Humphreys.

    US embassy in Nairobi.

    The paper further reported that Ndambuki disowned a family that raised him claiming that he is the president's nephew in the sense that his real Mother Wanjiku Kahore is reportedly Uhuru's sister.

    He was raised up by Mbeti Kiilu who is alleged to have bequeathed him a piece of land in Mlolongo.

    Ndambuki is facing three court cases that are still ongoing. In 2014, he was charged with forging documents for the 400-acre land dispute that he has with the Humphreys.

    In 2013, he filed two applications seeking to be included in the succession battle of Humphrey's children as well as take control of property owned by Kahore who reportedly died in 1976.

    A representative of the Nairobi National Park Borderlands Residents Association approached US envoy to Kenya Kyle McCarter over the matter claiming that the local police had largely ignored the issue.

    In his response, the ambassador promised to follow up the matter and find out why the late Saitoti's task force's recommendations were not implemented.

    US Envoy to Kenya Kyle McCarter.